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2023/09/21 15:17

About this Shop

・Our shop offers products using dried and preserved flowers.
・We only accept shipments within Japan.

About the products

・Please select a message card from the choices. Individual message printing is not available.
・The size, color, etc. may differ slightly due to the characteristics of the product.
・Since each product is handmade using natural materials, colors and shapes may vary slightly even within the same product.
・Please note that the color may fade over time for products that have been dyed, such as colored dried flowers, dried materials, and preserved flowers.
・Please avoid storing in direct sunlight.

How to Buy

①Add products to cart
②Enter your email address and shipping address

③Select payment method
…You can use "Bank Transfer Payment"  or  "Credit cards issued in Japan".

④The purchaser information
…Please enter your information in the Buyer field.
*If you cannot enter an international address, please enter your shipping address or the address of your place of stay in Japan.

…If you would like to request a delivery date more than one month in advance, please enter your preferred delivery date and time in the remarks column. 

About payment

・You can use "Bank Transfer Payment" or  "Credit cards issued in Japan".

※AmazonPay and PayPal payment is not usually set up, so please contact us if you would like to use it.
※Non-Japanese cards cannot be used in the system.
※If you choose AmazonPay payment, please purchase 30 days before delivery.
※If you choose PayPal payment, please purchase 10 days before delivery.

About Shipping

・We will ship within 2 to 3 business days after your payment is confirmed. Custom-made items will be delivered after 10 days later.
・We do not enclose any invoices or invoices with prices on them.
・If you wish to deliver to a hotel, inn, pension, restaurant, etc., please confirm in advance with the person in charge of the facility whether direct delivery of the bouquet is possible. If you do not confirm in advance, there is a possibility that the delivery cannot be made due to an unknown destination or that the delivery will not go smoothly.
・If you wish to pick up your order in-store, please purchase directly from the Calon DRY FLOWER Ginza main store, not from the online shop. If you would like to pick up custom-made products in-store, you can place an order in advance through the online shop. If you wish to do so, please place your order after entering ①~③ on the order page.
① Delivery address: Enter the address of the main Ginza store.
Name: 銀座本店 店頭受け取り
Address: 〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座1-21-9 箱健ビル1F, B1F
Telephone: 03-6225-0231
② Please enter your information in the Buyer field.
③ Enter the date and time of your visit and the your phone number in the "Remarks" field.
*Only the Calon DRY FLOWER Ginza flagship store can receive your order.
*Please note that the shipping fee (1,100 yen) will still be charged due to the mailing from the production atelier to the store.
*For system reasons, shipping notification will be sent out after your visit to the store. Please come to the store even if the status is "before shipment".

Shipping Charge

■Basic Shipping Charge
Shipping fee is 1,100 yen (except for Okinawa and remote islands / Okinawa: 1,740 yen, remote islands: basic shipping fee + 1,500 yen).

■For customers who wish to deliver to remote islands
・Due to system reasons, the additional shipping cost of 1,500 yen to remote islands is not automatically added, so please add the shipping cost item to your cart when you place your order.

※This additional charge is not necessary to ship within the main islands of Hokkaido and Okinawa.
※If you do not include the "Remote Islands Shipping" item when you place your order, we will cancel your order. Please add this item to the cart and place a new order.


・It is possible to change the delivery date before shipment. Please contact us using the inquiry form.
・If you do not enter a preferred delivery date, the product will be delivered at the earliest possible date.
・If you wish to change the delivery date after the product has been shipped, please contact the shipping company directly.
・We will not be able to remake or reship the product. Please understand this in advance.
・Please select a message card from the choices. Individual message printing is not available.

Return Policy

・If the product is defective (damaged, stained, malfunctioning, etc.), please contact us within one week of receipt of the product.
・Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges unless the product is defective.

Cancellation Policy

・We do not accept changes or cancellations after an order has been completed.
・The same applies to returns of goods after delivery for the customer's convenience.


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